5 Years of OSFP

Open Source Summit 2018

5 Years of OSFP

Proposed by Open Source Foundation of Pakistan


Mr. Saleem M. Rafik

Chair OSFP

CEO OpenWare Business Pvt. Ltd

Business Architect, Co-Founder Open Source Foundation Pakistan (OSFP), FinTech Consultant, Open Source Evangelist, Agile Planner, Technology Trend Evaluator, Analytics, Strategic Vision, Life Management Coach & Philanthropist.

Extensive experience in large-scale I.T services management, global strategy development, organization development and project management with global organizations. Technology management, development methodologies, system integration and consulting experience with Fortune-100 corporations.

Comprehensive experience to implement complex systems, processes and high-net projects in a true global environment. Systems and business acumen a competitive environment of banking, insurance, health, manufacturing and services industries. World Class experience in all aspects of technology, business, people and budget management with Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, IBM, Price Waterhouse and EDS.

First-class experience to provide cost effective solutions with direct impact on Organizational Development and P&L. Strong leadership skills demonstrated in US, Europe & Middle-east.

Experience in structuring proof of concepts to demonstrate digital recommendations. Broad knowledge of architecture in logical and physical infrastructure definition & data analytics. Specialize in FinTech; Business Intelligence; Digitizing, Large Scale Planning; Mission Critical Availability; Service Management; Security Management and Quality Assurance. 

Practical Info

03/08/2018 10:15
15 minutes
Auditurium Bahria University Islamabad Campus