Open Source a Game Changer

Open Source Summit 2018

Open Source a Game Changer

Proposed by Chairman PASHA, CEO Viztech

Mr. Barkan Saeed

Co-Founder Vizteck

Strong background in strategic execution, architecture, marketing automation, CRM automation and digital solutions.

Co-founded Vizteck, which is a digital platform application development company mostly working with startups and also investing in them.

Here are some of the clients we have helped by taking care of their technology side

- CareMerge - (7 million USD plus raised)

- TrueLinked - (3 million Euro Raised)

Team Expertise in Scaling, AWS, NodeJS, Angular, Redis, NOSQL and MongoDB

Barkan is passionate about #startups and #executive learning and manages a group by the name of Shana Bashana with 40+ tech executives. The group uses regular meetups between members as a way for executive learning.

Practical Info

03/08/2018 11:30
15 minutes
Auditurium Bahria University Islamabad Campus