Tech Talk: Future of The Web

Open Source Summit 2018

Tech Talk: Future of The Web

Proposed by Technical Lead at Recurship and Google Developer Expert for Web and Angular

Mashhood Rastgar


Professional Based in Karachi.

Mashhood is the principal technical consultant at Recurship and a Google Developer Expert. He  works with different startups in US and EU to helps them crawl through the technical maze and quickly build amazing products focused around the problems they are trying to solve. He specializes in using the latest web technologies available to execute the best possible solutions.


I would like to speak on “Future of the web”, where I would like to touch on the latest open technologies which are addressing critical user needs for the open web. The biggest upcoming change is the shift to Progressive Web Apps, which have the potential to replace our native mobile apps in the long run. That along with Web Components and Web Assembly are also really interesting topics to touch on.

Practical Info

03/08/2018 15:00
30 minutes
Seminar Hall 2