Tech Talk: Turning Around Failing Tech Firms

Open Source Summit 2018

Tech Talk: Turning Around Failing Tech Firms

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Asim Shehryar

Asim Husain is a technocrat with 23 years of experience in executive management, technology marketing, and business planning. He holds a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University, California and an MBA in Marketing from Duke University, North Carolina. He holds a diploma in Project Management from Pakistan Institute of Management also. He has worked with both established companies and startups in USA and Pakistan in different technical and executive management positions including Siemens, Oracle, IBM, LMKR, Transworld, witribe, COMSATS, and PSEB. He has been Managing Director, Pakistan Software Export Board (2014-17), CEO COMSATS Internet Services (2010-2014), and Director Marketing, witribe (2007-9). He is very results-oriented as can evidenced from the fact that Pakistan’s IT remittances as reported by SBP grew by 78% during 2014-17. He also turned around COMSATS Internet Services from a loss to profitability by increasing their revenue by 83% in 4 years. 

Turnaround Consulting specializes in turning around failing businesses and startups and making them successful. Turnaround’s methodology includes problem analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis, strategy, business planning, product/service planning, and marketing planning. Asim will discuss this methodology during his tech talk. 

Practical Info

03/08/2018 14:30
30 minutes
Seminar Hall 4