Our Team

Mr. Babar Zahoor, Founder

Founder and chief visionary, Babar,  an Open Source Evangelist, is the driving force behind the foundation. He loves to keep his hands full in DevOps and Cloud Computing. He is a Redhat Certified Engineer and a Linux Guru with 20+ years of experience in the industry. 

Mr. Saleem Rafik, Chairman 

40+ years of experience in the banking sector, Ex-CIO of Deutsche Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank, and NADRA Pakistan. Saleem, an Open Source Evangelist, is Chairman OSFP. 

Mr. Asim Hussain, President 

Former Chairman Pakistan Software Export Board, Asim Shehryar Hussain is the President OSFP.

Dr. Ashraf Masood, Vice Chairman

Former Dean, Military College of Signals (MCS) from NUST. Dr. Ashraf Masood is Vice Chairman OSFP

Mr. Malik Najmus Siraj
VP Academia Linkage
Najmus Siraj

Ms. Sidra Jalil
VP Events, Media / PR

Sidra Jalil

Mr. Muhammad Kaleem
VP Memberships

Muhammad Kaleem

Mr. Ahsan Yameen
VP Marketing

Ahsan Yameen

Mr. Ahsan Farooqui
VP Industry Linkage

Ahsan Farooqui

Mr. Humayun Zafar
VP Training
Humayun Zafar

Ms. Tahir Mehmood Ch.
Member EC

Tahir Ch

Ms. Asma Qadeer
Member EC

Asma Qadeer

Ali Abdullah

Ali Abdullah

Founding Members

Dr. Syed Iqbal Ahmad

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Ms. Asma Qadeer

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Mr. Kamran Azeem

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Mr. Tahir Mehmood Ch.

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Mr. Qasim Mehmood

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Mr. Anwar Shahzad

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Mr. Ameen Sharif

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Mr. Jahanzed Arshad

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Mr. Sarfaraz M Khan (Late)


Dr. Athar Mahboob


Mr. Sohaib Saleem

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Mr. Talha Syed

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Mr. Babar Zahoor

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Mr. Saleem Rafik 

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Mr. Asim Hussain 

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Dr. Ashraf Masood

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Mr. Fouad Bajwa

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