(Beginning) with the name of Allah – The most Gracious – The most merciful

Technology Freedom for All

Transforming Dreams into Development, Making Technology to Transform Education, Leading Youth to develop an Equal, Humane World through Technology.

A futuristic, innovative and evangelistic mindset is what has driven us to take the initiative of developing Open Source Foundation Pakistan (OSFP).

Our aim is to help our Youth lead us towards zenith of Technological world. We want to liberate the world from slavery of licensed software and clutches of few developers who want to minimize our potentials and mind flight. We strong believe that Technology can help us customize software according to our peculiar needs hence add value to indigenous knowledge, expertise and even traditions hence creating a world where diversity will be appreciated and zombies approach will be depreciated.

01. OpenSource Promotion


02. Opensource Trainings


03. Open SOurce Communities